Friday, December 4, 2009

Steven Talks Turkey

Steven with headdress. And below with his family at the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day:

This is Steven at the Science Museum where we go every month for science and art class:

Still here and still homeschooling, of course. December is a very laid-back time for us. This month..oh, wow..I'm going to write about what he's doing this month and not this week, or just today... But yeah, this month he is concentrating on his Senior Orange belt for Taekwondo. He tests for it next week. And then the school will have their annual TKD C-mas party (Ice skating!), and then there is the Chaos Party on the Saturday before C-mas. Chaos is a blast: an all day playtime with the TKD kids and their instructors (none over the age of 20, I think). They play all day from 2-10pm at the studio with games set up, countless t.v.s and game consoles, and lots of dodgeball, pizza and snacks. It is the best time, Steven says.

He's working hard learning his lines for the play, it is also on the 19th, the day of the Chaos Party. It all sort of culminates to that Saturday and explodes, even for Lea who will be wrapping up school for the Holiday break.

Lea is thinking about going to school part-time, btw... :)

The day after Christmas we'll be going to the cabin for 5 days. We are all looking so forward to unwinding and doing nothing but being.

Steven and I went to the Humane Society yesterday and played with the animals. We volunteer there, but call it "playing" because Steven isn't old enough to volunteer, yet.
I didn't take photos because I've been bad about documenting events.

But above there are a few recent ones of Steven, and of him with Lea, Nicholas and Royce at the Turkey Trot!

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  1. I love that silly shot of all the kids! What a great bunch you have there. You should be a very proud mama!