Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you think she sits there
taking in all that is around her
with all the memories in her
All the whirling of the inside out
that is often too much to take
surely too much to write
because where to begin?
what is true memory and
what has been embellished by time?

But either way
there are places in time she can simply no longer go
And it's not because she doesn't see them
Because she sees them
She does
And she sees you in them
Because you looked at her as if God revealed her to you
And she sees you after all of that
In everything she feels even now
Every emotion she's felt
wading through time
it started with you.

And when she tunnels back through it
It's only to find you there
And it's still real
And it still fills
to overflowing to overwhelming
It never ends
And that is why she is tongue-tied now
And it's why she avoids it
Because if she spoke of it
or wrote of it
She would be swallowed by it
In the deep end of the pool.

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