Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to homeschooling... Lea. Monday: Saxon math lesson 7, problem set 7. Math Youtube Vid re: Unit Multipliers. Reading Wizard of Earthsea, Chaps 1-2. English grammar book Least You Should Know About English. Proofread exercise pg. 13 History Page 35. Migrants To A New Land. Chose Iroquois to research. Photography using herself and brother as models, developing her own fashion site at Look Book, creating fashion montage on her bedroom wall with photos she's inspired from.
Steven. Monday: Math 8 Review 1. Studying short/long division Math To Know book. Exercises, Mastering Essential Math Skills. Started Reading The Hobbit, chapter 1. Arranged for Art lessons with Jim. Worked out with Jeremy at the gym. Documentary: The Warrior Gene. Documentary: How To Build A Beating Heart. Beating Heart

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