Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steven Goes

And Momma waits.

But, wait. It's not as gloomy as it sounds because over the years mothers figure out ways to keep themselves busy while their homeschoolers are attending classes. We often carry multiple bags of crap wherever we go. These are mine:

There is always a snack of some kind and a water or juice box in one of them for the kid (it's a healthy snack, of course, because we have to keep up the appearance that our kids are eating healthily even though they are home all day and not receiving the typical "Type A" lunch -ugh- served at school. Which is mostly true for many of us, but for some of us oldsters, it's often not. After a few years, we just start to grab what's on the counter).

But, we also carry "things to do" so we're not idly sitting by, and often so we don't have to talk to anyone if we don't feel like it (It's true, don't say it isn't!). And since most of us are too smart for our own good, often these bags contain various creative or intellectual distractions. And these include things we can do while we are chatting with other mothers, or even things we can do if there is no one we know or someone we don't want to talk to.

Besides my purse, which inside is alllll the mystery of a typical handbag (I call my it my "Black Bag"), is my "Green Bag" and it contains my knitting or sewing, a notebook to keep track of stitches, and also, my sketch book. There are also colored pencils, regular number 2 pencils, and various pens I've stolen unconsciously. Right now in the Green Bag is the purple scarf I've been working on for a year, and the lavender baby blanket I started last Spring for my nephew's new baby who was born in August and who will be a year old (at least) before I get it to her. I can also find the drawing book that I received as a door prize for arriving early to a craft show (Yay!)...

....and what I've been using as a "Doodler." Yes, I started doodling and it's become an art form:

Done doodle:

Doodle in progress:

In my "Colorful Bag," the one with the little bird on it (this is a tote I made for my books and surprisingly that is what I use it for!), I can find the books that I'm currently reading or the books that are overdue at the library. Right now I'm timely, so these are just the books I'm reading:

And yes, there is always a magazine to save me from ADD moments when I couldn't concentrate on a paragraph in a book if I tried. "Real Simple" has a dual meaning in this case.


  1. Love the doodles! And the knitting! RS is a fave w/my always ADD-ish brain. I'm glad I'm not the only one avoiding other mom's at times!

  2. It's hard to be "on" all the time.

    I missed you yesterday.

  3. Love the doodles! Very impressive. You should frame these.

    BTW...I'm glad you didn't avoid us Wednesday! I loved chatting with you. You are a calming soul for me. I seem to relax around you. You have a relaxing aura about you. Thank you for that.

  4. Thankies, the doodles are going into a wood storage chest that my dad made. The front facade is a mullioned framed window (a trash find). Jim (my artist friend with the dog, Fred?) is going to help me mat them. I have to make around 4 more....

    I'd never avoid you, Jen! I don't avoid much of anyone these days, really, now that I think about it.