Thursday, October 22, 2009

Steven Rides

We had a great time yesterday with neighbor Hiliary when she took us out to the barn where their horses, Snazzy and Shiloh, board. Earlier, Steven had been chatting with Hil on Facebook. He ran into my room and asked me if we could head out to J-town with her to see "the girls," and I said, "Sure!" So, we skipped gym class with Q and headed out about 10am. Once we arrived, Hil opened the barn where the tack supplies are held and we watched some of the other horses grazing:

We walked around to the front of the property where Snazzy and Shiloh stay, and we waited for Hil to open the fence:

Steven got to lead Snazzy from her paddock to the barn. They made fast friends:

Hiliary showed Steven how to groom the horses and what to do to get them, and a rider, ready for riding the back 4o:

And Steven was on the trail in no time:

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