Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The week is going ok so far. I'm a little frustrated with the kids (all 3) , but I also might be dehydrated, eating badly (this is for sure) and trying to do too much. And, it's true that when I overwork, they seem to underwork to compensate; but you know, you wants to be nagged anyway? I remember shutting down the moment someone started bitching at me to do something. I'll try to make better decisions today about my attitude and demands.

ANYhoo, Steven has been very active this week.

He went to a pumpkin farm with friends:

And he also went on a library tour. Which I forgot to take pics. But this was very fun for him and we're grateful to friend, K, for setting it up. This library is a second home to us and we've never taken the time to tour it before. It's fun to be privy to the innerworkings of WPL :).

He also attended a Science class at the library which he didn't like at all. There were too many kids breathing down his neck, he said.

Last night Steven received his orange belt. Here he is with his instructor, Mr Perdue:

This morning if it's not too cold, we're going to plant tulip bulbs and Steven has gym class with Q. Schoolwork is still happening and we spend about an hour or so a day with math, handwriting and spelling. I'm hoping to find a Social Studies book soon, but really not sure how to fit it in, yet.

The house is going to hell in a handbasket, but I figure there will be years and years of an empty home, clean and clutter-free, later. We'll revel in the chaos, meanwhile.

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  1. This is what I do, K...revel in the chaos for true, there will be years and years of a quiet empty home. Being in the moment with the kids is what's important right now. :)