Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As the water receded
what was left on the sand was a froth
green, brown, alive
with bubbles
silent crackling
millions of tiny universes
popping one by one
absorbing into the ancient remains
of animals once breathing
their food and shelter, too
now ground into firmament
beautiful wet warmth, firm
beneath my feet
walking on the ages..
Is this what we are to you,
Leftovers of a wave?


  1. This is very good. I love those last two lines, a perfect counterpoint. Wow.

  2. Thanks :). I was thinking about how the people in the world who are moving around so fast and leaving each other and eating too much and talking walks after work and worrying about bills and misspelling words and trying to fit in magazine articles between conversations. People empty and full or somewhere inbetween. I was thinking how everyone in 100 years will be dead. At least most. And in 1,000, as if we were never even here.

  3. Well that's exactly what it conveys. But not in a sad way, or yearningly; more like this is how we're supposed to be. I consider the moments when I felt like that the most important times of my life.

    This place looks real pretty now. And I like the name. Befitting the season.

  4. You're very welcome :)