Sunday, April 25, 2010

In a Stairwell

It crystalized a moment in time
And silenced the yearning
At least briefly
A relief at last
Where fingers followed the outline
Of a forearm
Touching the telltale
Coursing vessels
Beating at the wrist
A rhythm of want
Slipped sweetly into the hand
of another
And joined finger over finger
Weaving not just a holding
But effecting an ascension
To the next place
Of being together


  1. Interesting. These poems appear to be more concentrated than in the past, perhaps more thoughtful and less driven by emotions. Sparse use of words too. Do you think that your style has evolved? Or is it because you're in a different place emotionally? Could be just me though.

  2. This is actually specifically in the past. Result of something else I was working on that was...yes, it was too emotional.

    Aside from that I'm just pleased that you think I have a style :)

  3. oh, but you do have a style, but i felt that this was something that had actually happened... to me!

  4. Oh thank you Bella! Omg, I'm so glad you're here :)

  5. Yes of course you have a style.