Monday, September 14, 2009

Steven Goes Fishing and Builds Stuff

I took Steven fishing one afternoon at an organized event at the local Metro Parks. He didn't catch anything, but had fun waiting:

And making friends with the bait:

Last week, Steven and I went to a science museum to sign up for Science and Art classes and we spent the day in the museum playing. We had the place almost entirely to ourselves for hours. We've spent quite a bit of time there over the years and they know us from homeschooling events so they let us roam freely. Steven is striking a pose for the Infrared camera:

Here he is taking a "cloud" class with one of the Senior education teachers:

And here is a piece of heaven for us: playing with Snap Circuits. We made an FM radio (Finally. This has been an ongoing challenge..). It was great because we had the sets all to ourselves and it hadn't been rifled through yet, so everything was neat and organized:

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