Saturday, September 26, 2009

Steven Adds

I was given a Saxon math book several years ago. I think it might have been Kevin's old book that Linda let me borrow, and you know how it goes: What comes to Karen, if she likes it, stays with Karen.

I put it in my book bin and when I cleaned it out like I always do in the summer, I realized that Steven would be in 5th grade this year. I had an actual textbook that would be appropriate to his age. I was very excited.

I love Saxon for the main reason most people (who like it) do: it's practical and it makes sense. Steven learns a new math challenge every time we open the book and all the while it is a review of what he's already learned. I was worried about starting him into a 5th grade math curriculum when he has not had any kind of organized learning in math concepts, but he seems to take to it quite well and understands what's being asked of him.

I think at this point it comes down to memorizing math facts which is something we drill on the days we "do school," and then, going page by page as time allows. He already "gets it," it's just going to take time to memorize the basics.


  1. We are using Saxon as well. I would love to hash out how you utilize all it has to offer. I've really tweaked it over the years so it is not so cumbersome and overwhelming for Liam.

  2. I love Saxon too....especially because it is scripted. :-P Ive also put the boys at a slightly lower level just to get solid on the concepts..and they do about 2-3 units a day...I only go in depth with what they need me to...a lot of the time they do it themselves while I watch.

  3. I can't wait til winter when things settle down a bit and we can just do it on most days.