Monday, September 14, 2009

Steven Blogs

This blog will consist mostly of photos of extracurricular and activities that Steven attends and enjoys. He is very funny and says very random things so I will include quotes and stories sometimes. I may include some academics for his teacher who assesses him, or for Steven to look back on to remember what he was studying (I don't remember learning in school, I just remember friends and the books I read), and then again, I may not. It depends on how it evolves.

Steven was born at home on July 4th, 1998. In America, this date is a celebration and a National holiday in recognition of the signing of a document called The Declaration of Independence which affirmed America's independence from Great Britain. On a smaller scale, for us, when Steven was born at 12:05am on July 4th it always seemed appropriate that Steven came to us on this day because he has always been an independent sort of person. But to explain, he is not obstinate or difficult or even rebellious; but he is naturally creative, interested (and very interesting), thoughtful and so curious. And hopefully this is not sounding platitudinous, but as I've searched myself over the years in getting to know him it's certain to me that Steven's the one person I know whose heart is truly free.

The ages of 11-12 has always seemed to me to be a magical time in the growth of a child, almost the epoch of childhood innocence, playfulness and curiosity. Not that it all goes down from here, it just changes; but I wanted to capture what I could of this brief occasion, and commit to being totally present to him while I am here in this time with Steven.

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