Monday, September 14, 2009

Steven Cooks

Steven is learning to cook. He was going to take a cooking class at the rec center but it was canceled. I figure he can learn to cook at home just as well. Last week he made Apple Crisp. Today we made Chili:

Chopping jalapenos. He wanted to do it and I was like, Dude, are you sure? he was like, Oh I'll be fine mom. (He is at present blowing on his hot fingers and just put away a cold compress he had been applying to his face.) CALIENTE. Chop with caution:

Chili. Full of peppers, veggies, meat. Steven has decided he is going to be a vegetarian but this was after we made the chili. He said he wants to explore the idea that animals are his equal. Yes Steven, I understand, but you are not chopped up in a crockpot of chili:

Daisy, Steven's dog, who waits while he cooks. The kitchen smells amazing and Daisy is waiting for a taste...maybe.... (please...)..?

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