Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steven Rolls

The week is going well so far, fitting in actual school has been a bit of a problem though. We are incredibly busy with life to figure out a time to sit down and do flash cards, but I found out that last week when I put it on the calendar we managed it much better. It's hard for me to get used to, and for Steven, as well. Academics...or at least scheduled academics has never been a priority for us. Steven just learned stuff. He woke up and he caught a whiff of something that would interest him and he'd learn about it. Great concept, but not great preparation for someone who wants to pursue a more organized approach to learning, like online schooling. I'm finding that there is really nothing wrong with this if it suits a personality and with Steven, we'll see how it goes. He does seem receptive to it and I'm fairly organized. We'll just put it on the calendar from now on.

Yesterday we met with some homeschooling friends to organize field trips and playdates. It was very nice and good to meet some new people and young friends. We have several volunteers and it looks like we're going to have some fun. We already have a pretty full schedule, but Steven wants to stay busy and see people, so here we are. How can I be anything but grateful? The kid is open and ready to adventure. Ok, little dude, I'm down.

First day of Steven's gym class starts today at the center.
I have work scheduled in the afternoon; and yes, math and spelling are scheduled, too. :)


  1. Over there in the "About Me" section you should just write, "Steven is The Dude."